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Tribute to Insanity 10 Man

The Tribute to Insanity achieve 10man is a good way to gear up anyone looking for the much needed 258 capes that will ultimately assist in progression on Heroic Anub' 25 man (which is the current progression SK is focused on at the moment). After our raid tonight the group split into 2 ten mans to catch up on these much needed items that only the insanity run can provide,not to mention the personal closure on an achieve that takes flawless execution by the entire raid's part and a certain caliber on every one's game play who is present. The kill was righteous, and the adrenaline that followed was worth every penny. Tonight's loot has bumped me to 2831, pushing my own toon to 3rd holy spec pally on server,right behind my other great guildies according to the ever popular and wildy addicting wow-heroes website.


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