Divine Intervention: ToGC 25 Heroic Server First Anub'arak

D.I. WooT!


Sleepless Knights Activity

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ToGC 25 Heroic Server First Anub'arak

Practice pays off big tonight as SK claims and end to the current content with the downing of Anub'arak and the completion of Trial of the Grand Crusader 25 man. Clinching the Tribute to Insanity 25 man version will take even more practice but there's no telling what the next few weeks have to offer now that ToGC has been cleared and morale is high. Go Sleepless Knights woot!


Mister K said...

Congrats, did you make any progress in Icecrown yet?

Joenutz24 said...

Yes ICC25 was cleared on the first tuesday of release. Although we are exited about new content...it's not nearly as difficult as togc25. I will make a post on our progress soon.

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