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Author Update

Hello warcraft players and bloggers. Many things have happened recently in RL which has grinded my online presence to a sudden halt. Although I still play warcraft on a regular basis and push to achieve the more top end of raids, time spent has definitely decreased dramatically (my mana has wained!),especially when it came to updating this website. The last posts were aimed towards Ulduar strategy guides and gear level content peaking at the 226 region.

Well many things have changed for my toon and my guild progression wise. Sleepless Knights was proud to lead the way on the Realm First ever 25 Algalon kill,earning the very sweet title "Celestial Defender", and a little peace of mind closing out that chapter in progression. With the launch of the PTR and Icecrown closing in, many guildies have flocked to it in preparation for the upcoming new instances and mechanics. At the moment,SK is still pushing ahead in progression for Bronzebeard,leading the way through heroic 25 man Trial of the Grand Crusader. Progression is currently on Anub himself,and every attempt has been a fine tuning process.

Many videos have emerged recently from this very hard to achieve boss kill, but if you know the mechanics of the fight then you know that every second of the fight requires flawless positioning by the entire raid. I have been present on attempts pushed well into phase 3, and it's only a matter of time before the Anub is down.

As for me personally, my pally is still the most geared of my toons,peaking at a 2800 gear score (for those addicted to wow-heroes),while my alt shammy and mage hover around the basic t9 setups around a 2500 GS. They get the job done...and like i said before...RL has piled up again so it's hard enough to keep my main peaked without worrying about alts. (even though it's sweet my mage even has the "Tribute To Mad Skill" achieve...hehe)

Spending time with my own family,especially my kid, will always be my most important achievement earned. Until the next post...keep on focusing and there's no limit to what you and your guild can accomplish.


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