Divine Intervention: Shiny,SHINY,SHINIES!!! New Items in Patch 3.1 - Cloth Armor Category,World of Warcraft

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Shiny,SHINY,SHINIES!!! New Items in Patch 3.1 - Cloth Armor Category,World of Warcraft

Shinies List for Patch 3.1-New Cloth Armor Items for Ulduar Patch 3.1

-Cloth Armor

-Head (Cloth Armor)
Collar of the Wyrmhunter 226
Conqueror's Circlet of Sanctification 226
Conqueror's Cowl of Sanctification 226
Conqueror's Deathbringer Hood 226
Conqueror's Kirin'dor Hood 226
Cowl of the Absolute 226

Cowl of Icy Breaths 219
Lifespark Visage 219
Valorous Circlet of Sanctification 219
Valorous Cowl of Sanctification 219
Valorous Deathbringer Hood 219
Valorous Kirin'dor Hood 219

-Shoulder (Cloth Armor)
Conqueror's Deathbringer Shoulderpads 226
Conqueror's Kirin'dor Shoulderpads 226
Conqueror's Mantle of Sanctification 226
Conqueror's Shoulderpads of Sanctification 226
Mantle of the Unknowing 226
Mantle of Wavering Calm 226
Soot-covered Mantle 226

Iceshear Mantle 219
Mantle of the Preserver 219
Valorous Deathbringer Shoulderpads 219
Valorous Kirin'dor Shoulderpads 219
Valorous Mantle of Sanctification 219
Valorous Shoulderpads of Sanctification 219

Chest (Cloth Armor)
Conqueror's Deathbringer Robe 226
Conqueror's Kirin'dor Tunic 226
Conqueror's Raiments of Sanctification 226
Conqueror's Robe of Sanctification 226
Raiments of the Iron Council 226
Robes of the Umbral Brute 226

Raiments of the Corrupted 219
Valorous Deathbringer Robe 219
Valorous Kirin'dor Tunic 219
Valorous Raiments of Sanctification 219
Valorous Robe of Sanctification 219
Vestments of the Piercing Light 219

Titan-forged Raiment of Dominance 213
Titan-forged Raiment of Salvation 213

Waist (Cloth Armor)
Belt of the Darkspeaker 226
Cord of the White Dawn 226
Embrace of the Leviathan 226
Sash of Ancient Power 226
Sash of Potent Incantations 226

Binding of the Dragon Matriarch 219
Conductive Cord 219

Titan-forged Cord of Dominance 213
Titan-forged Cord of Salvation 213

Sash of Shattering Hearts 200
Sash of Trumpted Pride 200

Legs (Cloth Armor)
Furious Gladiator's Mooncloth Leggings 232

Conqueror's Deathbringer Leggings 226
Conqueror's Kirin'dor Leggings 226
Conqueror's Leggings of Sanctification 226
Conqueror's Pants of Sanctification 226
Leggings of Lost Love 226
Legwraps of the Master Conjurer 226
Overload Legwraps 226

Leggings of Unstable Discharge 219
Valorous Deathbringer Leggings 219
Valorous Kirin'dor Leggings 219
Valorous Leggings of Sanctification 219
Valorous Pants of Sanctification 219

Feet (Cloth Armor)
Boots of Fiery Resolution 239

Boots of the Servant 226
Sandals of Rash Temperament 226
Sandals of the Ancient Keeper 226
Savior's Slippers 226
Spellslinger's Slippers 226

Wrist (Cloth Armor)
Bracers of Unleashed Magic 226
Furious Gladiator's Cuffs of Salvation 226
Grips of Chaos 226
Shackles of the Odalisque 226

Combustion Bracers 219
Runetouch Handwraps 219

Hands (Cloth Armor)
Handwraps of the Vigilant 239

Conqueror's Deathbringer Gloves 226
Conqueror's Gloves of Sanctification 226
Conqueror's Handwraps of Sanctification 226
Conqueror's Kirin'dor Gauntlets 226
Constructor's Handwraps 226
Handwraps of Plentiful Recovery 226
Touch of the Occult 226

Handwraps of Resonance 219
Static Charge Handwraps 219
Valorous Deathbringer Gloves 219
Valorous Gloves of Sanctification 219
Valorous Handwraps of Sanctification 219
Valorous Kirin'dor Gauntlets 219


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