Divine Intervention: Hard Mode XT-002 Deconstructor and Heroic:Heartbreaker

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Hard Mode XT-002 Deconstructor and Heroic:Heartbreaker

Although I saw 2 achievements out of this kill rather than one,the one that truly stands out is our server first successful Heroic:Heartbreaker (aka XT Hard Mode).

Hard Mode
XT-002 Deconstructor's Hard Mode can be activated during any of the Add Phases. Destroying the exposed Heart of the Deconstructor will give XT-002 several new abilities:

Heartbreak - Increases XT-002's damage by 40% and hit points by 100% (Heroic: damage by 40% and hit points by 150%).
Void Zone - Causes Gravity Bomb to spawn a Void Zone, which inflicts 5,000 (Heroic: 7,500) damage to players standing in it.
Life Spark - Causes Light Bomb to spawn a Life Spark.
Life Spark - Casts Static Charged, which inflicts 800 (Heroic: 2,000) Nature damage to nearby players every 3 seconds.

I haven't posted as much content as i would like to lately,but raiding these conditions can take much practice and time.Between raiding at night,work,and making sure my kid comes first before any video game,time gets limited around my scheduale.The best I can do is post my progress.I'll save the thoerycrafting for the other 1000 warcraft blogs out there.


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