Divine Intervention: Hard Mode Flame Leviathon 4 Tower and Heroic:Orbit-uary

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Hard Mode Flame Leviathon 4 Tower and Heroic:Orbit-uary

Last night was a fun late start to the raid week.Due to some attendance issues,the normal Tuesday start of Ulduar25 man was postponed to allow for 2 smaller groups to run 10man hard mode/achievements. The runs were flawless,and some more achievements have been secured from those runs.

The achievements that stood out from last night was our server first successful hard mode kills on both Flame Leviathan (Heroic:Orbit-uary) and XT-002 Deconstructor (Heroic:Heartbreaker). Also noted was another acheivement I must have missed on XT-002...Heroic:Nerf Engineering. This achievement is not that difficult to get,and does not constitute a hard mode kill. Only the Heroic:Heartbreaker constitutes as an official "hard mode" heroic kill.

I'll dive into XT-002 Hard mode on another post.

Some more random pics of phat lewtz always makes me happy.I mean if you think about it,we all go colorblind after years of play,except for the color purple.These were justa few more kills from the night.We raid hard and for long hours,but we are still laid back.Ulduar 25 w/hard modes is usually a 2 day job...leaving the weekend for family,the beach,and bruski's.

.Auriaya and Razorscale purplez


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