Divine Intervention: Yogg-Saron Recommended Strategy Guide

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Yogg-Saron Recommended Strategy Guide

Yogg-Saron Recommended Strategy Guide

Yogg-Saron Boss Fight Basics,Abilities,and Info

Sara’s Abilities:
Sara’s Abilities (Phase One)

Sara is not attackable in Phase One and casts these spells randomly on the raid and on the Guardians of Yogg-Saron.

Sara’s Fervor - Increases a friendly target’s damage by 20%, but also increases damage taken by the target by 100%. Lasts 15 sec.
Sara’s Blessing - Heals a friendly target for 27000 to 33000, but causes 60000 Shadow damage over 20 sec.
Sara’s Anger - Inflicts 12500 Shadow damage every 3 sec, but increases Physical damage done by 12000. Lasts 12 sec.
Keepers’ powers

Talking to the Keepers of Ulduar before the fight will cause them to aid you in the encounter. The less you have helping the harder the encounter will be but better loot will drop and special achievements can be earned. Specific Keeper abilities below:

Speed of Invention - Increases all damage done by 10% and movement speed by 20%.
Mimiron also slows the casting speed and attack speed of all mobs in the encounter by 300%/100% respectively.
Resilience of Nature - Increases all damage done by 10% and healing received from all sources by 20%.
Freya also conjures Sanity wells allowing you to regain sanity.
Fury of the Storm - Increases all damage done by 10% and total health by 20%.
Thorim also finishes off Faceless Ones you bring to 1% HP in Phase Three. Without Thorim the Faceless ones are unkillable.
Fortitude of Frost - Increases damage done by 10% and reduces damage taken from all sources by 20%.
Hodir’s Protective Gaze - Allows Hodir to save a friendly target who sustains fatal damage by encasing them in a nearly impenetrable block of ice for 10 seconds. Hodir must rest after performing this action.

Yogg-Saron’s Abilities:

Dominate Mind - Dominates the mind of the target, temporarily placing them under Yogg-Saron’s control. Also reduces Sanity by 4%.
Sanity Well - Standing in the well brings you back to your senses, regenerating 20% Sanity every 2 sec. Damage done is reduced by 50% while you remain in the well.
Psychosis - Inflicts 7500 Shadow damage. Also reduces Sanity by 9%.
Brain Link - Links the brains of two enemy targets. Afflicted targets suffer 3000 Shadow damage and lose 2% Sanity every 1 sec. whenever they are more than 20 yards apart.
Malady of the Mind - Inflicts 5000 Shadow damage and causes the enemy target to run in horror for 4 sec, then attempts to jump to another enemy within 10 yds. Also reduces Sanity by 3%.
Lunatic Gaze - Looking into the maw of madness unhinges your mind, inflicting 5700 to 6300 Shadow damage and reducing Sanity by 4% every 1 sec. for as long as you are facing the caster.
Induce Madness - Drives all nearby targets insane, reducing Sanity by 100%

Phase One:

Have tanks pick Guardians of Yogg-Saron and kite them around the room and make sure you tank then away from the clouds that spawn. Anyone touching the clouds on the ground will spawn a new Guardian of Yogg-Saron, meaning you will eventually get overrun.

Abilities of “Guardians of Yogg-Saron”

Mind Control: Cast on random players in the raid. Players must be CC’d or else they will destroy your casters/healers.
The Key to this phase is HOW you kill the Guardians. Each Guardian must be killed right next to Sara. After Killing 9 Guardians next to Sara the phase will end Phase 1 bringing you into Phase 2.

It can be helpful to spawn an extra Guardian intentionally early on to start phase 2 faster as the Guardian spawn rate picks up the longer you remain in phase one.

Phase Two: Make sure you go into this phase with little or no Gaurdians up because you will immediately be overrun by tentacles. If you are using Freya and your sanity gets low, the green beams on the sides of the room will restore your sanity. Make sure to make use of it.

Types of Tentacles:

1. Crusher Tentacle: Melees hard, has a ton of HP and has an aura that reduces damage done by the raid by 20%, stacks with other crusher tentacles so these must go down fast. Melee-ing these will interrupt their aura but they gain a temporary buff that increases their damage and attack speed when they are hit so this is dangerous if they are being DPS’d.

2. Corruptor Tentacle: Casts various debuffs, Curse of Doom, Apathy, Draining Poison and Plague. Dispellers will need to be on their A-Game. All of these abilities are interruptible.

3. Constrictor Tentacle: These have very little HP and appear underneath random players, grab them and hoist them into the air doing damage every few seconds until killed. Healers must heal the player being constricted

Note: Sara will hover above Yogg-Saron’s main body casting various abilities such as Psychosis, Brain Link and Malady of the Mind as well as lasers on the ground much like Kologarn’s eye beam.

Every 90 seconds or so Portals will open into Yogg-Saron’s mind. All melee DPS must take the portals. Do not take the portal if your sanity is low you will lose sanity the longer you are below.

You will see one of three random illusion rooms along with some disguised tentacles and laughing skulls floating around the room.

The skulls cast Lunatic Gaze so you must strafe around the room with your back to the skulls at all times.
The illusion will shatter once you kill all the tentacles in the room.
Melee must then run into the brain room and try to get some DPS on the brain before taking the portal back up. The Brain begins a 60 second induce madness cast when the portals open so the melee must complete their task and get whatever DPS they can on the brain within 60 seconds or they will emerge from Yogg-Saron’s mind insane.

This Means… You have about 50 Seconds of DPS before you must take the portal, to be safe, or you loose your DPS.
Phase 2 ends when the Brain is killed.

Phase Three: This is burn phase with a 5 minute enrage timer.

Yogg-Saron will have 16 million HP left on 25-man and 3 million HP on 10-man.

Tentacles: These will stop spawning, any up will remain. Make sure you kill them.
Faceless Ones: These adds hit very hard will spawn very rapidly in this phase. You must pick up and kill the Faceless ones, while also keeping enough DPS on Yogg-Saron to kill him within 5 minutes.
Alternate to this: Burn Yogg-Saron extremely fast if you are not using Thorim.
Sara’s abilities continue. Yogg-Saron will begin to cast Lunatic Gaze in this phase so DPS must be ready to avert their eyes. Yogg-Saron will also heal the faceless ones with empowering shadows. It is recommended to save Bloodlust for this phase if you are horde.

Lunatic Gaze - Looking into the maw of madness unhinges your mind, inflicting 5700 to 6300 Shadow damage and reducing Sanity by 4% every 1 sec. for as long as you are facing the caster.

Informative Strategy Video w/dialogue
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