Divine Intervention: General Vezax Recommended Strategy Guide

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General Vezax Recommended Strategy Guide

You have made it this far.General Vezax now stands in your way.Are you prepared?Ousting this behemoth of a boss will take some extreme mana efficiency on your healer teams strategy,and a keen tank with an A+ in kiting.Get the right info and the steps to prevail past General Vezax and onto Yogg-Saron.

General Vezax strategy Basics:
General Vezax strategy basics will be a tank and spank one, with 2 "DPS Breaks": One when he needs to be kited, and the other one when his add spawns (read below).
There is a catch though: During the fight with General Vezax casters will not be able to regenerate mana as usual (General Vezax has the aura of Despair that prevents it), but will have to use green clouds spawning throughout the fight to regenerate mana.
Unfortunately, the clouds General Vezax drops will also cause damage equal to the amount of mana regenerated.

General Vezax main abilities:
Shadow Crash:
General Vezax shoots a random raider, dealing heavy shadow damage (11- 12K) and throwing back near by targets. This will leave an AOE trail on the point of impact, increasing magical damage taken and reducing healing taken by 50%

Searing Flames (20 yards AOE, 2 seconds cast, interruptible)
General Vezax fires up the armor of near by raiders, reducing it by 75%.
Interrupt this at all costs.

Surge of Darkness (10 seconds buff):
General Vezax has 100% additional damage, but moves 50% slower.

Summon Add:
This add will be summoned at 35% health, and has about 2 Million Hit Points. It will cast a debuf on the entire raid that increases shadow damage taken by 10%, and stacks up to 20 times, as well as causing a low damage each time it hits.

General Vezax strategy:

General Vezax strategy step 1:
Before pulling General Vezax assign casters group numbers to easily rotate mana regeneration threw the clouds (each group regenerates in it's turn).

General Vezax strategy step 2:
Pull General Vezax, and start DPSing.

General Vezax strategy step 3:
Interrupt Searing Flames when General Vezax starts casting it.

General Vezax strategy step 4:
When General Vezax casts Surge of darkness stop all DPS on him. Let the tank range pull him, since General Vezax will move 50% slower, it should be the perfect time for your casters to start taking the clouds for mana regeneration, and the healers to start AOE healing them.

Most importantly:
Rotate threw the caster groups to not overwhelm your healers.

General Vezax strategy step 5:
Go back to step 2 until General Vezax is at about 37% health.

General Vezax strategy step 6:
If your healers have enough mana, finish General Vezax continue DPSing.
If not, stop all DPS on General Vezax and rotate all your casters to make sure they mana for the final stages.

General Vezax strategy step 7:
Get General Vezax below 35%. He will summon his adds. Off tank the add and ignore him DPS wise.

General Vezax strategy step 8:
Blow all your Cooldown and finish General Vezax off before the adds debuf causes a wipe.

Congratulations! You have just defeated one of the most "must-be-mana-efficient" battles in content history!Nothing stands in your way now.Onto Yogg-Saron.

Stay tuned for Divine Intervention's recommended Yogg-Saron Strategy Guide as Sleepless Knights implements and executes known strategies.

Please referance this video if your guild is even attempting to try this boss.The fraps feed that comes from Vodka is one of the best in the business,and highly recommended positioning can be referanced here.I hope you have enjoyed and GOOD LUCK to you and your guild on General Vezax.
Vodka vs. General Vezax Video (for referance)


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