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Fall of The Lich King

These past few weeks have been very exciting. Our push on progression has paid off as we celebrate our realm's first 25 man Lich King kill. Last week I participated in the first Lich King kill registered for the server on ten man,earning a nice new title,a beautiful new heal mace from the Lick King's loot tables, and some closure to this expansion's lore. The race to unlock heroics began the moment the final wings were released,and now with 25 and 10 man heroic progression in progress,this month should be full of content,challenge,and fun.

As of now we are extending our raid lock for heroics that were started last week. As expected,the new ICC heroics are not much more challenging than the regular,given enough time and practice we will surely pull through. As of now we have cleared the entire first wing on heroic and are working our way steadily through the next. It's tough to juggle the new 25 man heroics while still having enough steam to concentrate fully in the ten man version both in one night. Burnout incoming...I can see it now...


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