Divine Intervention: Yogg-Saron and Heroic:Drive Me Crazy

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Yogg-Saron and Heroic:Drive Me Crazy

Tonight wrapped up my return from vacation with a great night of clearing Ulduar25 man and yet another heroic achievement down for the Yogg-Saron List.This time (in addition to completing my own Heroic:Descent Into Madness Achievement),the concentration factor was at 100% when it came to making sure no one got their Insanity buff out of hand or under 76%,earning SK the Heroic:Drive Me Crazy Achievement.

Heroic: Drive Me Crazy

Defeat Yogg-Saron without any raid member going insane on Heroic Difficulty.



Yogg-Saron slain

Every single one of Yogg's abilities have something to do with Insanity.
You start the fight with 100% sanity, which goes down when hit by his abilities.

During the fight, Sanity Wells will spawn, which are used to restore some of your sanity over time when you stand near them.

When a person reaches 0% sanity, they become mind controlled by Yogg-Saron til either one of them dies.

Sanity, from what it seems, is the true challenge in this fight, rather than receiving large amounts of damage.

Heroic: The Descent into Madness

Defeat the bosses of The Descent into Madness area of Ulduar on Heroic Difficulty.


General Vezax slain


Yogg-Saron slain


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