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WoW Vacation

With Yogg-Saron 25man dead since the 3rd week of launch...the game is slowly losing it's grip on me. There's only so many times you can kill Yogg, and the loot tables don't seem to motivate the average end-game raid binger like they used to. With the news of the world first kill on Algalon the Observer 10man is a breath of fresh air for the progression guild community,letting real life slip away for virtual rewards is beyond me now.The kill proves this xpack will fall fast and hard,and many subscribers will fade.I don't see it happening for many top world ranked guilds for quite some time. The repetitious in and outs of Ulduar 25man for achievements and hard mode kills is what is driving guilds like mine, but as i said, it's slowly losing it's hold over me. RL is picking up, and with work,kids,bills,and an active social life,I've decided to take a break from WoW and this blog for a while.I have too many projects to attend to,and family comes first always.Time to let loose,take the Cobra out of the garage...and hit the beach and waterparks with my kid.

Life is too short to miss out on the really important things.Think about that.

Until the next post...I hope and wish your guilds nothing but success in reaching Algalon the Observer or defeating Yogg-Saron Heroic if that is your first goal.

Take care for now,



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