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WoW 3.1 Patch - The Ulduar & Dual Spec Update

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WoW 3.1 Patch - The Ulduar & Dual Spec Update: "World of Warcraft has gone through many significant patches. A year and a half before WOLTK came out the Sunwell update took place, which added a new area to the game which was focused on a new instance.

And once again, the WOW team has been hard at work using customer feedback to make changes to classes and make significant improvements (to most people) to the exciting game.

The latest patch 3.1 is another milestone patch (and the first major patch for WOLTK) which adds many new changes and a new instance called Ulduar (located in the Storm Peaks). If you are a hardcore PVE player then you'll love the new addition of the Ulduar Raid instance and the new Full Tier 8 Armour Sets which drop inside.

Ulduar will be a 10/25 man level 80 raid dungeon.

While the new raid will be the talk for hardcore PVE players, there's many (too many to list here) class changes. Every single class is getting some sort of changes.

Like I said I'm not going to list every single class change, but there's some other interesting game changes you should know about.

Ride Your Mount In Water

You can now ride your mount in water, yes, when you ride into the water you will not be dismounted anymore, you will stay on your mount.

Dual Spec

For a one time fee of just 1000g (this could change before release) at level 80 you can have the ability to choose 2 specs and switch between them with the click of a button. This is great, if you're level 80 you know how sometimes your spec stops you from getting groups or you just want to try something different (heal in a BG or DPS).

Gear Manager

With the Dual Spec you'll also get a Gear Manager where you can click a button and your gear set will be switched to the appropriate set saving space and time.

Hearthstone and Ghetto Hearthing

You'll no longer be able to ghetto hearth (join an instance as a group, leave group and get ported to your hearths location). Instead you'll be sent to the nearest GY. However Hearthstones will now be 30 minute cooldown instead of 60.

Well, there you go some of the major changes to WOW coming up in patch 3.1 (some call it 3.1.0).

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