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Personal Best HPS/Pre-Ulduar

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I was reviewing some wws reports before they get deleted from the system and I stumbled across my personal best on a boss kill.Although this boss fight consists of majority spam HL,controlling your mana to last till the end is crucial,and staying on top of your beacon rotation and JoL rotations is crucial.This rotation earned me an hefty 12,608 heals per second.

Dmg. Out to foes : 13,152 (0 %) to friends: 0 DPS time : 40'' (28 % of presence) DPS : 328
Heals to friends : 1,727,297 (26 %) to foes : 120,409 HPS time : 2'17'' (96 % of presence)
HPS : 12608
Dmg. In from all : 48,695 (2 %) from friends : 0 DTPS time : 50'' (35 % of presence) DTPS : 973


HP said...

Rasuvious is definitely a fight where paladins excel at, especially when assigned to understudy healing. I always do a ridiculous amount of HPS/effective healing on those fights. Likewise, Lothaeb is geared more for priests and druids.

Joenutz24 said...

Amen to that.Patchwerk is also a paladin strong battle,however I'm noticing a lot more lately the heals on that fight decreasing with more gear oddly.I blame the tanks now who are B.I.S. that hardly even take a big enough hateful strike to register a decent effective heal.The death knight especially.Seems when my designated tank is a B.I.S. DK,his mitigation throughout the night is so impressive,that it makes our heals look like nothing =(

I'm sure everyone has asked thier tank to take thier pants off before so they can actually take some damage =)

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