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Freya Recommended Strategy Guide

Got the 411 on this mushroom-infused fight?Here's the recommended strategy proven and executed for guilds interested in progressing quickly through this Ulduar boss encounter.

Freya Strategy basics:
Freya does not have a large health pool, but she can heal for huge amounts thanks to the many mobs she controls, each puts a buff on Freya, increasing her healing received by 4% ("Attuned to nature" buff. stacking 150 times).

Considering Freya also has 3 huge treant guardians with powerful buffs, Freya strategy is to first kill down her guardians and adds, and only once the healing buff is decreased, finish her off.

The 3 guardians that Freya has grant the following buffs: Elder Ironbranch - increases Freya's physical damage by 50%. Elder Brightleaf- increases Freya's Magic damage by 50%. Elder Stonebark - increases mobs Physical by 50%.
Below is a Freya encounter movie found on YouTube from the PTR. We will release a full narrated version one as soon as Freya is on live, and Freya Encounter is more complete.

Freya main abilities:
Sunbeam: (8 Yards AOE, centered on Target)
Causes 12K nature damage (about 8-9K on normal)

Touch of Eonar: (heal)
Heals Freya for 24K (about 9K on normal).

Natures Fury: (AOE, 10 seconds):
Target causes 4.5K damage to nearby raiders every seconds (2K normal).

Rays spawning during the fight, healing Freya and her adds. Move Freya and the mobs away from it.

Freya strategy:

Freya Strategy step 1:
Pull Freya, Assign offtanks for the treats, she will spawn adds. Move them away from the Sun light when it appears.
Kill Smaller adds whenever you can, try to group them close to the treants you're focusing.

Phase 1

Adds spawn every minute.

Wave Type 1

Storm Lasher - Casts area effect lightning damage in a 15 yard radius. Also casts chain lightning that hits up to 4 targets.
Snaplasher - Stacking debuff upon dealing damage, increases damage by 1% and reduces speed by 1%, stacks up to 99 times. As this reaches a critical mass stack you’ll need to kite these.
Ancient Water Elemental - Frontal cone tidal burst, deals 8,000 damage. Face these away from the main raid body.
Wave Type 2
Detonating Lasher - Spawn around Freya in a circle in packs of 12. Reduces Freya’s healing buff by 2 stacks per mob.
Wave Type 3
Ancient Protector - 1,900,000 health points, removes 25 stacks of Freya’s buff. Also cast conservator’s grip, which prevents attacking and casting spells.
Stand under the healthy mushrooms to remove conservator’s grip

Freya Strategy step 2:
Players with Natures Fury- pay attention and move away from raid.

Phase 2

During phase 2 no more adds will spawn. At this point it’s essentially just a tank and spank fight. Freya has the same abilities as in phase one. In addition, she also had lifebinder’s gift…trees spawn around freya every 30 seconds, kill all of these within 15 second duration or they will heal Freya for 15%

Freya Strategy step 3:
Kill the treants: Elder Brightleaf , Elder Ironbranch, Elder Stonebark.

Freya Strategy step 4:
Continue DPS on adds until the healing debuf on her is dramatically reduced,

Freya Strategy step 5:
Finish Freya off

Freya Hard mode:
Like many other bosses in Ulduar, Freya may have an optional hard mode, further complicating the Freya strategy, but also increasing the loot Freya drops.

To complete Freya on hard mode you must leave the Elders up. Each elder provides an additional buff, similar to the way Sartharion’s drakes worked.

Elder Brightleaf - increases magic damage dealt by Freya and her adds by 50%
Elder Stonebark - increases physical damage dealt by Freya by 50%
Elder Ironbranch - increases physical damage dealt by Freya’s adds by 50%

The most recommended comprehensive strategy video available-

Ciderhelm from Tankspot explains this encounter in relative ways to minimize casualties and maximise dps.This video provides a complete overview of the fight.


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