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DiWooT! has left the building

Divine Intervention will take a short break from daily posts for about a week.I was planning on posting the week's events and everything that has transpired with SK's progression through 25man(currently on last boss Yogg-Saron),but personal business has provided me with a much overdue vacation.

I am off to visit my brother in sunny Scottsdale,Arizona.The change should be nice compared to the East Coast,which is where I live.You see...it's not like i play WoW for a living...we all have our real life gigs.I am a general contractor by trade,and have been a carpenter since highschool.This "vacation" to visit my brother is also a business adventure,for he needs my assistance in some framing and construction on his new house in Scottsdale.My brother is the family musician,and he is a jazz professional who teaches guitar lessons for a living in the Phoenix area.

Are you reading this and live in Phoenix also? If so you might want to check out one of the city's best jazz/classic/rock guitarist. Interested in learning to play your favorite songs but fail to get proper instruction? Give my brother a shout,he teaches at a professional level with an environment that puts the Student first.

Want to know more? Visit Chris @ PhoenixGuitarLessons.com for more info.

As for me,I will try to hi-jack my brother's laptop when I touch down in Arizona sometime in the next few days to update Divine Intervention's database and stories.
Until I return safely next week...I thank my readers who continue to come back to reference the strategy guides or check on SK's progress through Ulduar.

I put a lot of effort and many hours a day into this site,and would like some comments.No need to be shy.I am here to listen to your views and triumphs through Ulduar progression and everything Wrath of the Lich King has to offer as well.Leave a comment for me,and I will visit your site in return and leave positive feedback as well.I'm just a normal dude in an abnormal world.

(me and Pat Tillman last year @ The Cheeseburger-aka-Phoenix Stadium/Home of the Cardinals)

Care to connect in other ways? You can always reach me @ my Facebook.

Until I return in a week or so,I bid you all farewell and good luck this week in your guild's progression through Ulduar!



Tux said...

Have a good time on your trip. Sometimes a break can do you blogging some good.

I like your stuff very much, and I'll add you to my follow list. Please take a few minutes and check out my writing...


Later! Have fun!

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