Divine Intervention: The Secret Lies Beneath Ironforge

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The Secret Lies Beneath Ironforge


If someone on your server told you how to find this hidden section of Ironforge...namely called "Old Ironforge",it's still kinda tricky to get into.This section of Ironforge I am standing at in the screenshot back at 70 is the end of the line for "Old Ironforge".Blizzard still tries to implement codes to keep players out of these unreleased section's of the games code,but any player willing to do some research can find the easiest way to "magically" go threw the wall near King Magni's Throne,which leads to an entire labyrinth under Ironforge,almost as big as Ironforge itself.

Don't be caught down here with no hearthstone and no freind to summon you! The GM's might not like it.
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